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21 Nov

How to stimulate bottom-up, member-based dialogues in Vietnam?

Last week, Agriterra worked with the Hue Cooperative Alliance (HCA) in Vietnam on a Guideline to stimulate member-based dialogues. Wendy Vorstenbosch, communication expert at NCR - the Dutch Cooperative Council - joined the Agriterra team that consisted of Nguyen Ba Cuong, Le Thi Thu Hien (business advisors) and Susanne Coolen (corporate communication). HCA forms a bridge between the Vietnamese government and the cooperatives in the Hue region and wants to change its focus from top down government-based to bottom-up member-based. This creates stronger cooperatives and more continuity. Improving the dialogue leads to more solidarity and member-backed decision making.


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31 Oct

Philippine-Dutch Agricultural Cooperative Learning Exchange

10 guests from the Philippines visited The Netherlands for a ‘Philippine-Dutch Agricultural Cooperative Learning Exchange’. They are representatives from 4 cooperative organisations we support in the Philippines: 2 in cassava, 1 in organic fertilizer and 1 in pineapple (juice and fiber).

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