Experts sharing their knowledge

Are you an entrepreneur in the Dutch cooperative agricultural sector? As an expert in the industry, Agriterra invites you to share your knowledge with colleagues in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Our Agripool participants are experts from the agricultural & food top sector in the Netherlands. They have a local impact by giving advice to their international colleagues, so that agricultural cooperatives and organisations can be considered more trustworthy, to provide high quality services to their members and for them to develop into full-fledged trading partners.

Why should you participate? 

By participating in the Agripool, you can successfully implement your CSR policy, while your people (Agripool participants) gain unique work experience. At the same time you can also develop an affinity for new, emerging markets. You contribute to the development of new international trading partners.


During Agripool assignments, your professionals are engaged on a temporary basis to improve the primary sector in developing countries. Advisory or training assignments usually last 9 to 12 days. We organise everything for the assignment, and one of our company advisers guides your employee in person

Your employees can work on advisory assignments, including:

  • membership recruitment and bonding
  • setting up an accounting or information structure
  • strategic and business planning
  • administrative organisational models
  • financial and administrative review of organisations

We also regularly look for trainers for our "train-the-trainer" programmes (abroad and sometimes also in the Netherlands) in areas such as:

  • lobbying and interest representation
  • creation of equity capital
  • marketing

Your employees train trainers at agricultural organisations and cooperatives to disseminate knowledge and skills among their members.

Local Agriterra-teams

The Agripool stands for top quality. You can make a contribution by sharing your expertise with them. Agriterra is established locally, and we assist in streamlining the sourcing process, so that your business can connect with competitive, organised farmers.



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