Linking policy with sector

Agriterra has local presence in the field and is able to link your CSR policy with the opportunities that the agricultural sector in developing countries offers. We are committed to the professionalisation of agricultural cooperatives and organisations in those countries, which results in more vibrant rural areas in Latin American, African and Asian countries.

How can Agriterra support you?

  • By hosting peer-to-peer advisory missions and training courses
  • By sourcing smart investments focused on significant social impact
  • By enabling the professionalisation of agricultural cooperatives
  • By facilitating dialogue between policymakers and farmers

What can we do for you?

Are you looking to make a socially relevant contribution in developing countries? Do you (also) need to make investments and want to establish a closer relationship with different markets? Partnering with Agriterra will guarantee success in the realisation.


Ervaringen van anderen.

We have tried to convey how important marketing and market value is and to give them a pratical approach. Now it is up to the board and the members of Ada'A to work with the actionplan we have provided them. 

- Carolien Roseboom

FACT-method was at the core for our successful lobby

- Ivan Asiimwe


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