Farmer Services

Service-minded cooperatives with the Agriterra approach

The members of a cooperative are often ambitious. They want to develop their agricultural businesses and need good, affordable advisory and other services. This demands a great deal from a coop’s directors and management, so Agriterra guides them to strengthen the foundations of their organisation. With the Agriterra approach, the coop retains control, but service provision to members can be improved and extended.

Reinforcing an organisation’s strength

After an initial ‘financial health check’, we formulate a structured plan of action together. We look at how the organisation is managed, we help to optimise the service offering and we support the training of your trainers and advisers. Thus all the links are strengthened and the  organisation is able to deliver optimum added-value in terms of service provision to members.

The Agriterra approach for entrepreneurial cooperatives results in: financial sustainability, member commitment and making clients future proof.


Organisation development. Improving extension services. Supply chain development

Courses and training modules

Training Financial Management, Record Keeping, Training of trainers MyCoop, Workshop internal capitalization, FACT, Scoping tool organisations, Training Financial Strategy (advanced), Organisation assessment, Workshop Gender & Female leadership, Training Marketing, Financial Sustainable Services, Educational Structures for Cooperatives and Organisations.

Agriterra's Agricultural Growth Circle


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