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Effective lobbying for farmer organisations with the Agriterra approach

Farmers’ organisations have the important task of representing the interests of their members. Agriterra provides systematic guidance to prepare organisations thoroughly before they begin talks with policymakers. Whether clients are seeking a more advantageous tax regime, fair pricing mechanisms or clear rules on land ownership, Agriterra will help convert the challenges faced by farmers into concrete proposals. We focus strongly on ensuring that our clients’ concerted lobbying delivers results, which is how we help bridge the gap between farmers and policymakers.

Using the FACT method to structure the argument

By using the Farmers Advocacy Consultation Tool (FACT), Agriterra introduces a structure designed to ensure effective lobbying. Farmers’ leaders and staff are trained in four key areas: consultation with members, participatory research, preparation of SMART proposals and stakeholder engagement. Agriterra has a network of trainers who can assist in this process. FACT is a practical and goal-oriented tool that will put you in a strong position at the negotiating table.

Through a process of advice, training and knowledge sharing, we can jointly formulate high-quality specific proposals that cannot be brushed aside by the other negotiating parties. Our approach has brought a successful conclusion to many lobbying efforts worldwide in a variety of areas, including public investment and changes in tax regulations. By adopting the Agriterra approach, organisations are actively committing to achieve a better business environment for their members

The Agriterra lobby approach results in member involvement, a negotiation position and  a strong business environment.


Organisation development. FACT (Farmers Advocacy Consultation Tool). FACT themes (FACT4budget)

Courses and training modules

FACT, Scoping tool organisations, Organisation assessment, Training Financial Strategy (advanced), Workshop Gender & Female leadership, Financial Sustainable Services, Educational Structures for Cooperatives and Organisations.

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