Farmer-led Businesses

Bankable cooperatives with the Agriterra approach

Cooperatives considering moving to the next level - perhaps wanting to invest in a processing plant or set up a new production line, or seeing opportunities to become an attractive trading partner in national and international markets – can, by working with Agriterra, convert ambitions into real business development.

Agriterra advises cooperative businesses

Successful farmer cooperatives safeguard their members’ interests in both the short and long term. Cooperatives provide economic growth and employment in rural areas. Working in partnership with Agriterra’s experts, you will draw up bankable investment plans, sharpen your business strategy and optimize your production, processing and marketing activities. Through Agriterra, you can tap into the high-quality practical knowhow and expertise offered by the agribusiness and cooperative sector in the Netherlands. Connecting that knowledge and experience to your entrepreneurial issues will help move your cooperative forward.

Successful cooperatives make a difference. This is why Agriterra focuses on farmer cooperatives that want to offer their members more added value. Within our network clients will find expertise in areas of plant- and animal-based food production chains that range from production to processing and from logistics to marketing. With Agriterra, clients realise their ambitions for growth.
The Agriterra approach for bankable cooperatives results in profitability, solvency and higher incomes for members.


Cooperative development. Governance & leadership. Financial Management. Business Development

Courses and training modules

Scoping tool coops, Company assessment, Training Financial Management, Cooperative governance, Record Keeping, Training of trainers MyCoop, Workshop internal capitalization, FACT, Training Financial Strategy (advanced), Workshop Gender & Female leadership, Training Marketing, Financial Sustainable Services.

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