Nautilus Organic and Agriterra sign cooperation agreement

10-04-2017 Nautilus Organic decided to share the knowledge and experience of their members, managers and growers with Agriterra and its future projects. This was decided on the 6th of April by managing director Kees Blokland of Agriterra and managing director Hein Wolff of Nautilus Organic by officially signing the cooperation agreement. The cooperation agreement will last at least three years.

Agriterra is a non-profit agri-agency that professionalises cooperation and agri-organisations in developing country to better their position on the market and product chains. Agriterra does this by sharing knowledge about financial management, governance, lobby and business development. Dutch agri-experts, together with local business advisors from Agriterra, share advice with organised international farmer cooperatives. Hein Wollf, managing director of Nautlius Organic: ‘’As an organic growing cooperation we feel a great social responsibility. By working together with Agriterra, we see a possibility to give substance to this value. We are enthusiastic about the projects that are organised by Agriterra and hope that we can add value to this.’’

For additional information:
Femke Meijer, Communication & Marketing Nautilus Organic, +31 (0) 682 964 408,
Annemiek Gockel, Agripool recruiter Agriterra, +31 628 349 080,


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