Study tour to Germany and the Netherlands


In the purpose of a joint study tour, Agriterra Nepal and GIZ INCLUDE are currently travelling through Germany and the Netherlands from 07th until the 20th of January 2018. The participants are from Ministry of Cooperative and Poverty Alleviation (MoCPA), Ministry of Finance (MoF), Department of Cooperatives, Central Cooperative Training Center, GIZ INCLUDE and Cooperative Movements. 

The study tour is organised at a crucial moment. The Nepali Parliament recently endorsed a new Cooperative Law and this study tour could provide MoCPA specific insights in how to enact the law and formulate the accompanying regulations. The study tour aims that participants will work towards setting up a more constructive support system for the cooperative movement in Nepal in operationalising the new Cooperative Act.

From 08th until the 10th January, we have visited GIZ Bonn office, DGRV-national apex body for the cooperative movement, Andreas-Hermers-Akademie (AHA), Molkerei Grafschaft Hoya eG, Dairy Plant and Raiffeisenbank, a Cooperative Bank.

So far, the following list has been identified as differences between Nepal and Germany:  

· User owner, user control and user benefit principle

· Members selling their products according to their contract to cooperatives

· Investment according to delivery rights

· Membership size as per economic benefit

· Member of BoD can be Managing director

· Audit of Primary Cooperatives is done by confederation

· Services remain in members and customers


Although the last days have given a great insight in regulations and chances of cooperative law,  in the upcoming days we are looking forward to further knowledge and learning of the remaining time in Germany and the Netherlands.


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