Our goals for 2020

  • Reach 1 million unique farmers

  • Provide EUR 55 million in loans and working capital

  • Establish working capital for 50 agricultural cooperatives

  • Policy changes that lead to an extra EUR 100 million in investments

  • 30% of operating expenses covered through trade with the private sector

  • Youth councils at 50% of the cooperatives

  • 30% more paying members at cooperatives

  • 15% female and 10% younger board members

How can we achieve this? 

Agricultural cooperatives and organisations in developing countries want to make progress, and to do so, they need good business plans, loans and operating capital. Agriterra is locally established and provides the link between the opportunities of these organisations and the objectives of government and other institutions, companies and the financial sector.

We are locally based so that agricultural cooperatives and organisations can be considered more trustworthy, to provide high quality services to their members and to develop into full-fledged trading partners. At the same time, we also invest in necessary policy changes through lobbying, which provides a powerful socio-economic boost in countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.


Experience of others

We have tried to convey how important marketing and market value is and to give them a pratical approach. Now it is up to the board and the members of Ada'A to work with the actionplan we have provided them. 

- Carolien Roseboom

Zonder Agriterra waren we nooit begonnen aan het Niger project. Wij wilden ons concentreren op het onderzoeken van verschillende soorten en het fasciliteren van het groeiproces, want dat is onze expertise. Maar hoe je moet samenwerken en een coöperatie moet monitoren - daar heb je Agriterra voor nodig. 


- Martin Slot

Do you want to know what we can do for your organisation?

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