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Courses and training modules

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Dik van de Koolwijk

+31 (0)26 750 51 55


An overview of our training modules:

Agriterra has developed a range of products and training modules for agricultural cooperatives and organisations in developing countries.

  • Scoping tool for coops (EN, ES, FR)
  • Company assessment (EN, ES, FR)
  • Training on financial management (1.0) (EN, ES, Amharic, Swahili, Bahasa)
  • Cooperative governance (EN)
  • Record-keeping (EN, ES)
  • Training of trainers on MyCoop
  • Workshop on internal capitalization (EN)
  • FACT (EN, ES, FR, other languages.)
  • Scoping tool for organisations (EN, ES, FR)
  • Organisational assessment (EN, ES, FR)
  • Training on financial strategy (advanced) (EN, ES)
  • Training on financial management (Chinese, Vietnamese, Nepali)
  • Workshop on gender & female leadership (EN)
  • Training on marketing (EN)
  • Sustainable (agricultural) advisory services
  • Educational structures for cooperatives and organisations

For more information regarding our products and services, please contact Cees van Rij, manager agri-advice.



Local presence
An extensive global network of agricultural cooperatives, organisations and agribusinesses
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