Agriterra main sponsor IASC 2017 Conference


Agriterra is, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, main sponsor of the IASC 2017 Conference (10-14 July 2017). Read more on

Kees Blokland speaking at the opening ceremony in the Dom church.

On Tuesday the Agriterra-panel took place about 'How can academic research on commons contribute to the study and practice of cooperatives?' With contributions by Cees van Rij (manager agri-advice Agriterra), Ton Duffhues, Markus Hanisch and Silvia Q. Caleman. 

Cees van Rij and Chair Tine de Moor (Utrecht University)

On Wednesday an Agriterra-clinic was organised about 'Using the cooperative model to make the commons work?' There were contributions by Arjan van Nuland (NCR), Kees Blokland (Agriterra), Aaltje de Roos (Ministry Foreign Affairs), Gea Weijers (Weijers Community-based Consulting) and Willem Foorthuis (Gebiedscoöperatie Westerkwartier).

Partcipants asked questions like:
​- What are the challenges of cooperatives?
- How do you motivate the managers?
- How do you keep cooperatives out of politics?
- What is the finance-model Agriterra uses?
- What can cooperatives and commons learn from each other?


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